The largest railway business forum in Eurasia, with contribution from major stakeholders from both 1520 and 1435 gauge systems

Challenges of rail transportation and communication between client, rolling stock operator and national carrier

Promotion of Transsib among Asian clients

Key sources of growth for rail manufacturers in Russia, CIS, and EU nations

Russia's only specialised business event focusing on passenger transport.

Demostration of how city transport will look like in the years ahead.

A series of local and international business events on transport

A biennial exhibition promoting innovations and cutting-edge military vehicles and equipment, with a series of informed debates

A demonstration of state-of-the-art rail equipment manufactured in both 1520 and 1435 gauge systems

Springboard for closer partnerships between IT and rail sector

Building a multimodal journey

Our Speakers

Paul Priestman
Founding Director
I do believe that design will be at the heart of railway sector in future
Vladimir Lisin
Chairman of the Board
Today the rail infrastructure restricts sustainable development of Russia’s economy
William White
Economic and Development Review Committee, OECD
We are now on the eve of the new Golden Age for railway transport